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Must-Try Fruit-Based Cakes
10 Dove Street has been known for their preservative-free and homemade cakes especially with with their fruit-based cakes. We've written this post for customers as a perfect selection for people who loves to eat fruits.

On the classic cake collection, we recommend the Banana Cream, a delightful bite of banana in between layers, and the Ube Pandan, which is a layer of ube cake, pandan cake filled with ube halaya and pandan custard. These classic cakes are available in a 9" whole cake and is yours to enjoy for P995.00.

For the mango lovers, we also suggest our best selling Mango Pandan and Mango Cream which has fresh mangoes bits with the former using a light pandan cake filled with whipped cream and fresh mango bits and the latter uses a butter cake filled with custard with chopped mangoes. Another must try mango on the list is our Mango Ube Pandan cake that's filled with homemade ube halaya and mango cream. It's a cross between the Mango Pandan and Ube Cake, its sweetness perfectly balancing the burst of fresh mango and ube flavors. A best seller is our Ube Cake, an ube base cake filled and frosted with our homemade ube halaya. Definitely a top pick! Cop these special cakes in a 9" whole cake for P1,450.00.

Beautifully adorned with a festive array of fruits, 10 Dove Street also boasts the Fruit Medley and Fruit Festival cakes, both topped with a variation of cherry, peaches, grapes and kiwi with a butter and chocolate base cake filled with custard and our signature chocolate fudge.  

On the premium side, we suggest the Mango Ube Burst that's also filled with ube halaya and mango cream, a combination of our Mango Cream and Ube Cake. A unique take on the mango cake is our Sweet Mango Delight, a butter cake base filled with mango custard and frosted with light whipped cream and encapsulated in mango jelly. Both of these premium cakes are also available to pre-order from P1,795.00-P1895.00.

Something that's sure to delight ube and cheesecake lovers is thePurple Sensation made from fresh purple yam. Cop it in a P2,250.00 for a 9" whole cake. 

All of these delicious cakes are hand made with fresh fruits with no preservatives added. Perfect for any types of celebrations.

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