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Go Loco with Chocolate Cakes from 10 Dove Street

10 Dove Street offers variety of chocolate cake selections you can choose from. First on the list is everyone's favorite, the Chocolate Decadence cake, filled with chocolate fudge and intense layers of dark chocolate, finished off with tons of shredded chocolate. Another cake quite similar to Chocolate Decadence, is the Chocolate Indulgence cake with chocolate fudge frosted with their signature chocolate cream and topped with a generous amount of shredded white and bittersweet chocolate. The Chocolate Lasagna cake on the other hand, is perfect for guests who love both dark and white chocolate with its moist chocolate cake chocolate fudge sandwiched in between signature chocolate fudge and white chocolate cream, and generously finished off with dark chocolate shavings. All are part of the Special Cake Collection, available in 6” and 9” whole sizes for P985, and P1,275. 


Recently, 10 Dove Street launched the Sinful Chocolate cake, with its  mousse-like dark chocolate cream on the inside. These whole cakes goes with the price of P1,275. Definitely a great choice!


10 Dove Street also offers their Blackout cake coated with chocolate crumbs. For caramel lovers, the Nelusko cake is the perfect choice, filled with chocolate fudge and caramel custard. Both of these cakes comes with the price of P1,450, available in a 9" whole cake.


On the premium side, the Black Velvet cake comes highly recommended with its mousse combination of bittersweet chocolate and whipped cream, enjoyed in a 9” whole cake for P 1,795. What makes it unique from the other cakes its indulgent chocolate base mixed with sour cream to make it ultimately moist. 


All of these cakes are definitely worth a try. 10 Dove Street only uses best quality ingredients to make sure that everyone enjoys every bite of these mouth-watering cakes. A taste of heaven, indeed!

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